You will be using IMAP email for your email account.

These are the server settings you need but you will also be wise to have a look at the link I'll post further down this email for setup on a secure connection:

Incoming mail server


username: your full email address

password: as provided

Outgoing mail server


username: your full email address

password: as provided

SMTP port: 465

IMAP Port: 993

Because the outgoing mail server is a secure connection (SSL) it requires some particular setup options. Unfortunately iPhones try to guess the connection settings for the outgoing server which are usually wrong and you have to fiddle around to get it to work.

Netregistry have a particularly good tutorial on how to get this working as you want.

You can follow this. Just substitute the outgoing settings given earlier and pay attention to the Port numbers and Hostnames above. Steps 10, 11 and the following ones after that are particularly relevant.

Make sure you set SSL to be ON.